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How do I add my car in the app?

Follow these steps to add your vehicle and open up new features: • Tap the "Add Vehicle" link near the top of the "Vehicle" screen • Connect your phone to your vehicle via USB to automatically transfer your vehicle information, or manually enter the last 7 characters of your vehicle identification number (VIN) – this can be found in your BMW service agreement or at the base of your car’s windshield (in North America) • Select Primary or Secondary user account – choose Primary unless another user is already linked to the same vehicle (this step is only applicable to users in North America; please disregard if you are located outside of North America) • Locate the code sent to your vehicle under the "Messages" folder within the "ConnectedDrive" menu • Input the code into the app where prompted Once this process has been completed there may be a waiting period while the vehicle you have inputted is confirmed and displayed on the "Vehicle" screen. Note: After purchasing a new vehicle there is a standard account set-up period, during which time your ConnectedDrive account is linked to your new vehicle. Therefore, please wait a few days after the purchase date before attempting to add your vehicle in the app.
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