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Even after connecting my smartphone and launching the BMW Connected application, I can’t find any of the BMW Connected functions.

Should you encounter unexpected behaviour we suggest you proceed as follows: If you are using an Android smartphone first check whether the [accessory mode] under [ConnectedDrive] [BMW Apps] [connection assistant] has been activated. In addition we also recommend that you unplug and reconnect the smartphone, close the BMW Connected app via the app manager and restart it. If you still can not view any BMW Connected functions, we recommend that you carry out the self-diagnosis function included in the app. In rare cases restarting the smartphone can also help. Apple smartphones are restarted by simultaneously pressing and holding down the "Home" and "Standby" buttons for at least ten seconds until the Apple logo appears. On Android phones the "Standby" button has to be pressed for several seconds and then the "Turn off" option followed by a restart has to be selected.
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